Grasshoppers and Crickets of Surrey


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by David W. Baldock.

Surrey is one of the richest counties for grasshoppers and crickets and this book covers all the species of grasshoppers and crickets including earwigs and native cockroaches each one illustrated in colour. It contains details of their status and distribution of 30 out of the 35 native species of Orthoptera, together with careful observations of their behaviour, advice on how to find them and how to recognise their songs (particularly through the innovative use of a standard bat detector. The book also deals with related subjects such as geology and the fossil record giving the book an unrivaled coverage of some 131 million years. The recent spread of two particular notable species is also examined in detail. The author, David Baldock, a well respected naturalist with a particular interest in Orthoptera, has 30 years compiling this volume.

Hardback with 128 pages, 32 distribution maps and 88 colour photographs.

Published: 1999
ISBN: 0 9526065 4 2


'It is without doubt, the best County Orthoptera to be published to is thoroughly recommended.'
- Orthoptera Recording Scheme Newsletter

'Not least of the merits of this excellent book is its very modest price.'
- Entomologist's Gazette

'If I lost the book today, I'd buy another tomorrow - it's that good.'
- Atropos