Larger Moths of Surrey


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by Graham A. Collins

Surrey ranks amongst the best counties for Larger Moths in Britain, and yet, until the publication of the Larger Moths of Surrey, there has been no attempt to publish details of the distribution and ecology of this group for the county as a whole. Offering an up-to-date, authoritative account of the county's moth population it also features a wealth of historical data to put the present situation into context and as such is an essential reference book for the professional entomologist and the enthusiastic amateur alike. The book also covers a host of related subjects including geology, moth habitats, conservation as well as a guide to various methods that anyone can use to study moths in their own back gardens. The author, Graham Collins, is a respected entomologist who has studied butterflies and moths for over 20 years.

Hardback with 360 pages, 549 distribution maps and over 60 colour photographs.

Published: 1997
ISBN: 0 9526065 2 6

'As a county macrolepidoptera list I commend it unreservedly.'
- Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation

'Will appeal to anyone with an interest in Lepidoptera... but will hopefully reach a wider audience of naturalist, conservationists, land managers, planners and libraries, to all of whom it can be wholeheartedly recommended.'
- British Journal of Entomology and Natural History

'A handsome production.'
- New Scientist