Hoverflies of Surrey


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by Roger K. A. Morris

Surrey is home to an astonishing 209 out of the UK's 270 different species of hoverflies so perhaps it is no surprise that it is also one of the best-recorded counties in Britain. This book is the first to deal with the full range of species found in the County and will hopefully provided a benchmark for other county recording schemes. It has been written with the needs of a variety of users in mind, from hoverfly specialist to anyone with a passing interest in this common but poorly understood group of insects. The book contains a set of detailed species accounts including an extensive list of food plants and conservation notes for site managers. The book also deals with related subjects such as geology, recording techniques and some of the less well-known aspects of individual species' biology. The author, Roger Morris, has had a lifelong interest in entomology and since 1990 has jointly run the national Hoverfly Recording Scheme with Dr Stuart Ball.

Hardback with 244 pages, 32 distribution maps and 88 colour photographs.

Published: 1999
ISBN: 0 9526065 4 2


'Will be of interest to both the serious entomologist and the enthusiastic beginner alike.'
- The London Naturalist

'I commend this book as a masterpiece of its kind.'
- The Hoverfly Newsletter

'A publication which is as accurate as it is comprehensive, yet still concise to the point and always interesting.'
- Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation

'A very well presented book at a most reasonable price...It should as the publisher's hope become a model of it kind.'
- British Wildlife