Dragonflies of Surrey


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by Peter Follett

Surrey is a county with an abundance of dragonfly species and this book provides comprehensive information on every species of dragonfly and damselfly occurring in Surrey. The author, Peter Follett, has been studying dragonflies and damselflies for 12 years and in this book he details for the first time their status and distribution across the county. The book also looks at a variety of different subjects including species identification and conservation and includes a fascinating account of Surrey's fossil record written by Dr. Edmund Jarzembowski and André Nel. It also lists some of the best sites in the country to watch dragonflies including no fewer than 44 which are home to over 17 different species.

Hardback with 110 pages, 34 distribution maps, and 56 colour photographs.

Published: 1996
ISBN: 0 9526065 1 8


'Very good value for money... it sets a standard that other county guides should emulate.'
- Atropos

'Dragonflies of Surrey is a model publication, well worth having even if the reader does not live in Surrey. It is well produced and well written, and is available at a sensible price. Had I not received a free review copy, it would feature near the top of the wants list that I prepare for Father Christmas every year!'
- Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation